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Team work


 There is a proverb in the Urdu language, that 1+1 equals 11. This proverb is a beautiful explanation of the fact that working together can prove much more effective and productive than working alone. However, working together has a price attached to it. That is, those working together, instead of pulling each other’s legs should try and be helpful to each other. Rather than exhibiting themselves and giving importance to their personal benefits, they should give importance to the collective cause. And, when there is a conflict, instead of turning it into an ego issue, they should just accept that different people can think differently.

In a trade organization a unified act comes into being because in the face of conflict an individual can take his separate stand or the employer may replace him and pay a person with similar skills. However, in a non-trade organization the situation can be very different as, in that case, people are not working for some of their personal benefits but are focused on a common ‘cause’. And people who work for causes are in usual circumstances extraordinary individuals. Nevertheless, there is an expense of these extraordinary individuals. The price/expense is that, their opinion has to be respected, their integrity has to be kept intact and they have to be given work according to their relevant skills.

Another thing of significance here is the training of these people. This training should entail that integrity of people should not be converted to narcissism or false pride. In expressing their skills, people should not ignore the discipline and basic rules of the organization. And in favor of their opinions, they should not overlook the views and thoughts of others.

Combined success is only achieved through paying this twofold price. That is, respecting the extraordinary individuals and the readiness of these individuals for their correction and training. It is this two dimensional attitude that makes teamwork effective.

Translated by: Khadijah Usman

Author: Rehan Ahmed Yusufi

Date: 22 July 2011
Thanks: Rehan Ahmed Yusufi




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