29 Spirit of Islam Issue 8 August 2013 BELIEF IN GOD S TANDING in front of India Gate in New Delhi, I thought of what a beautiful specimen of architecture and sculpture it was. It is a structure that bears witness to our unique skills of design, construction and art. For humans to construct a thing like India Gate, we had to think creatively before it came into existence. We had to make plans and then give them a concrete shape. If man were to reflect on the difference between him and the rest of the universe, he would be able to comprehend the difference between him and God. All the stars, planets, trees and animals together would fail to make such a structure. It is a uniquely human achievement. Such is the case with all other human matters. All of our skills are unique, and are our exclusive privilege. No other creatures in the known universe can do what we can do by exercising our physical and mental faculties, whether it is the construction of India Gate or the operation of any complex machine. God desires that we should realize Him on the conscious plane, through our intellect. That is why God created us with such distinctive faculties. Just as we are superior to all of creation, God is vastly more superior compared to us. If we were to reflect on the difference between us and the rest of the universe, we would be able to comprehend the difference between ourselves and God. God is the first, last and ultimate form of this superiority that we experience over the rest of the universe. To understand God is as simple a matter as understanding ourselves. The truth is that to believe in God is to believe in something that we already believe. To see God is to see something that is already there for us to see—an intensification of our experience of existence is belief in the existence of God. Humans are not the end in this universe. When a higher plane of existence is present in the form of us (for we belong to a far higher state than that of the universe) then why should the existence of another higher plane in the form of God not be a possibility? o